Install & Run

All it takes is one command

Aiming for frictionless setup, we've created a single-command initiation. This establishes optimal defaults, which can easily be modified from the dashboard.

> Install localportal ctl on 

> Link your machine
localportal link my-link-name

Install localportal ctl for your platform.

I'm using Localportal since a few months. It has been more reliable and much faster than the other free services I used before. In fact the free services were so unreliable it has been practically impossible to use them. With Localportal I never had any problem. Plus the terminal UI looks SUPER NICE.

LocalPortal is incredibly valuable tool for our team. The ability for everyone in the team to get a terminal of our local GPU machine without sharing SSH keys is itself worth what we pay for. Everything else is a bonus.

Localportal is incredibly useful for my blockchain full-node operations. It is straightforward, hassle-free and has top-notch security. A big shoutout to the team for always being receptive to feedback and making changes promptly. Keep up the great work, guys!

I absolutely love Localportal, I have been looking for a solution to solve my need to be on my main programming computer so I can work on projects while away from home and this software works wonders for helping with that! I also love that I can use it to make my machine reachable outside my network!

Beautifully crafted, plus I love the new interface to handle ports and active processes!!

Localportal makes collaboration and file exchange super easy and secure.