Plans & Pricing

Pricing That is Too Good To Be True

Simple, risk-free plans with a generous free tier and a 7-day trial.

Every feature an individual needs, for a single machine
$9 /mo
Everything in Basic, plus access to 10 machines at a time
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Everything in Pro, but with more customization and enterprise ready
Access 1 machine with a public URL
Access 10 machines with a public URL
Configure how many machines you want to access at a time
Advanced access control
Advanced access control
Compliance ready (SOC2 & ISO27001)
Expose unlimited local ports (with auth)
Expose unlimited local ports (with auth)
Exclusive network for connection requests to your company's machines
Invite your team to the connected Machines
Invite your team to the connected Machines
Self host on your servers
Custom domain (coming soon)
Custom domain (coming soon)


Do you have free trial?

We offer a 7-day free trial for both monthly and yearly plans!.

How can I get access to new updates?

New features might require a free CLI update. You'll be informed through the UI or through email when a new update is available.

How do I get support?

For any support needs, head over to or send an email to [email protected]. We're here to help!

Do I get a license key?

No! login from your CLI with your credentials and thats it! We'll manage your access from the backend

What if I run the CLI on multiple machines?

You can have machines registered to our backend, but only the allowed number of machines can be connected at a time.

How many ports can I expose from the same machine?

Unlimited!! We only limit the number of machines you can connect to the server. Once a machine is connected, you can expose unlimited number of ports, and also have authentication.

A Remote Access Tool for Developers

Connect Your Machine With One Command

Instantly make localhost or cloud compute globally accessible with a single command. Localportal handles user management, security and networking