Localportal Developer Documentation

Imagine having the freedom to access your machine from anywhere, making your local machine or cloud compute not just a standalone system but a portal to your personalized digital workspace. That’s what localportal is all about. It’s like having a magic link that connects you directly to your work or projects through a simple public URL, no matter where you are. With localportal, the concept of being tied to a physical location because of computing needs becomes obsolete. You can manage files, run Jupyter notebooks, expose ports, and do so much more, all without the need for carrying around heavy computing equipment. This is particularly liberating in an era where computing demands are ever-increasing.

This guide is designed to help you navigate through the installation, configuration, and operation of Localportal, a pioneering pseudo operating system that transforms your local machines or cloud computers into accessible, secure, and versatile workspaces.

  • Getting Started introduces Localportal, guiding you through the initial steps from installation to exploring the key features that make Localportal your defacto remote access tool.

  • Core Concepts dives deeper into the technologies and methodologies that power Localportal, giving you a solid foundation to understand its capabilities and how it can fit into your workflow.

  • Sharing And Collaboration explains how to share your Localportal desktop, facilitating collaboration or assistance from others with ease.

  • Lastly, the Company section outlines important information regarding our Terms-of-Service, Privacy Policy, and Data Processing Addendum (DPA), ensuring transparency and trust in how we operate and handle data.

Dive in to discover how Localportal can revolutionize how you access and operate your computers. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out through our support channels.