Localportal is designed to transform your local or cloud computers into fully accessible, highly functional remote desktops, powered by our own custom built pseudo operating system. Discover the endless possibilities and tools at your fingertips, all accessible from the comfort of your browser.

1. Sharing & Collaboration

Localportal streamlines collaboration by enabling secure sharing of compute resources through our pseudo desktops. Users can grant access to their environment by sharing a unique URL or via email, without the need to exchange SSH keys or passwords. Localportal’s fine-grained access control ensures that shared resources are only accessible to authorized users. This simplifies collaboration, remote assistance, and showcasing work for technical teams working on projects together.

2. Terminal Access

Localportal’s terminal app enables you to open and manage multiple terminal instances on your remote machine, providing a seamless command-line experience. You can run scripts, manage files, and monitor processes as if you were working locally. We simplify the access management for your remote desktop. Instead of sharing SSH keys or passwords, you can control who has access to your desktop environment through the user-friendly interface with just a few clicks.

3. Remote Filesystem

Localportal’s filesystem app provides a user-friendly interface that mirrors your local file management experience, making it easy to navigate, organize, and manage your remote machine’s files and directories. With seamless file transfers, you can effortlessly upload files from your local computer to your remote machine or download files from your remote machine to your local computer. Editing files directly within the app is also possible using the built-in text editor.

4. Expose Local Ports

Localportal’s expose port app allows you to make any web application running on your remote machine accessible by securely exposing its port and providing you with a public URL. This enables you to access your services from anywhere, without the need to be physically near the machine. Once your machine is connected to Localportal, you can easily expose or unexpose ports directly from your pseudo desktop. To enhance security, the expose port app lets you enable authentication for your exposed ports, giving you control over who can access your applications. This ensures that your services remain secure and private, accessible only to authorized users.

5. Apps & App Store

Localportal is continuously expanding its ecosystem to provide you with a versatile and powerful remote computing experience. In addition to the existing apps like Jupyter Notebook, Localportal is excited to introduce an app store in the near future. The app store will allow you to discover, install, and run a wide range of applications on your remote machine, all from the convenience of your pseudo desktop. With the upcoming app store, you’ll be able to:

  • Browse and search for apps that suit your needs
  • Install apps directly on your remote machine with ease
  • Run and manage installed apps from your pseudo desktop

The app store will offer a diverse collection of applications, from development tools and data analysis software to productivity suites and more. Stay tuned for this exciting addition to Localportal’s feature set, which will further empower you to customize and extend the functionality of your remote machine.

6. Local Network Mode

Localportal offers a local network mode that provides you with a .local URL (using multicast DNS), making your pseudo desktop accessible exclusively within your local network. This mode is perfect for secure, localized operations when you don’t require external internet access. By using Localportal in local only mode, you can work on your remote machine and collaborate with others on the same network without the need for a publicly accessible URL. One of the key benefits of the local only mode is that it is completely free and doesn’t even require you to log in to your Localportal account. This makes it ideal for users who want to use Localportal’s features without the need for a public URL or internet connectivity. To use Localportal in local only mode, ensure your remote machine and the device you’re accessing it from are connected to the same local network. Launch Localportal on your remote machine in local only mode and access your pseudo desktop using the provided .local URL from any device on the same network.

Dive Deeper into Localportal

Localportal is the only web desktop that comes with it’s own networking configured automatically that makes you access your machine from anywhere in the world. It is more than just a remote desktop solution; it’s a gateway to maximizing your productivity and expanding the horizons of what you can achieve with your machines, irrespective of your physical location. Explore, experiment, and elevate your computing experience with Localportal.

For more information, visit our Installation Guide and Connect Your Machine sections. If you have any questions or need support, our team is here to help.