Make your local machine global

Access your machine from anywhere through simple, secure and ultra fast tunnel

Unlock Superpowers

Localportal is a no-nonsense reverse proxy that's redefining access as we understand it. It's a gateway to uncomplicated, secure, and versatile connections with your machine.

Access local server with public, https URL

Expose local web services, jupyter notebooks or api servers, globally via our production-grade infra.

Client Server

Instant Terminal

Jump right into your terminal without fussing over SSH keys or configurations.

Feature 02

File System

Interact with your files, copy, move or delete them over the internet. Seamless transfers with the security you demand.

Feature 03

Reserved Subdomain

Every new Link will get a subdomain name and it is reserved until you delete it.

Custom Domain

Buying a new domain isn't hard, neither is using that domain for your Link.

Simple Auth

Can’t setup teams? Opt for our Simple Auth: Quick security setup sans teams.

All it takes is one command

Aiming for frictionless setup, we've created a single-command initiation. This establishes optimal defaults, which can easily be modified from the dashboard.

> Install localportal ctl on 

> Link your machine
localportal link my-link-name

Install localportal ctl for your platform.

The most user friendly reverse proxy

Expose Localhost with One Command

Instantly make localhost global with a single command. Localportal handles all the complex networking and security so you can seamlessly access your machine from anywhere.