Localportal Docs


Localportal is the straightforward accessibility solution for developers and tech enthusiasts who value efficiency and flexibility. More than just a reverse-proxy app, this tool adapts to your workflow without the fuss. From exposing a local web server for testing, setting it up for production, and facilitating webhooks to granting instant terminal access to multiple edge devices and offering innovative ways to manage files, Localportal is designed to cut through the complexity. Join us in exploring a smarter way to access.


In a landscape cluttered with reverse proxy services, each offering bits and pieces of accessibility, Localportal emerges with a clear mission. Existing solutions might allow terminal access with ease or enable SSH connections, while others focus on exposing local webservers. However, no tool seamlessly integrated all the ways users might want to access their machines. It’s a fragmented space where Localportal saw an opportunity to innovate.

Localportal: A singular hub, designed to give users accessibility to their machines in different ways, super easily.

No more juggling between tools or settling for partial solutions. Localportal reimagines reverse proxy services as a cohesive, user-friendly platform that meets today’s tech demands. It’s not just another service; it’s the answer to accessibility redefined.

For getting started with development, see the Getting started page. Would you like to request a feature or raise an issue? Open an issue